Home additions are exciting; updating a home can give families the extra space they need to be more comfortable. Consider the following five things to ensure your project goes smoothly.
 1. Paperwork and Zoning
Make sure to double-check all legal paperwork and all zoning codes where you live with your builder. Zoning will show what can be built onto your property, how close things can be to property lines, and how high any new buildings can be. Checking ordinances in the city or township you are in can help keep you from being fined or having to change the project halfway through!
 2. Budget
Do the research and keep track of what everything is going to cost. Make sure to have additional money aside for any unforeseen events, It’s unlikely, but it could happen. Prepare for unforeseen expenses by adding extra money into the budget during the design phase for an extra cushion if needed. Be sure your budget is feasible, affordable, and what you are comfortable spending. Don’t be afraid to ask your builder for ideas on where to cut back.

3. Bigger space vs. Efficient space
Bigger is not always better. In some circumstances, zoning and ordinances might restrict options on building a larger area or building higher. In that case, thinking outside the box will come handy. Look over how the addition will access your current home and be open-minded to work with a smaller addition. In some cases, a smaller addition outward and remodeling inward can be more efficient than just putting a large addition on that is not very efficient. Consider the use of the expansion and how many people it is supposed to fit. Find effective ways of storage and use furniture that will utilize the space.

 4. Preparation
The construction process can look messy. From the old space to the new space, there will be walls that get demoed, framing new ones, drywalling, roofing, etc., so take the correct precautions to protect other existing rooms, furniture, and decor. If necessary, put some items into storage or put up barriers to keep harmful dust and particulates out of the rest of your home. 

5. Patience
Remember this saying, “haste makes waste.” Carefully consider and think through all floor plans before building because once the ground is broken, it can be almost impossible and costly to make changes. Give yourself extra time in your schedule in the event “unforeseens” occur. Great things come with patience. So be patient during the planning and building process!

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