First things first, what is a design-build firm? A design-build firm provides an owner with a general contractor, architect, and/or an interior designer. These firms are “one-stop” shops because the firm usually offers all these services in-house and within one company. The design-build method includes the owner, designer, and general contractor working together to design and deliver the construction project.

Collaborative Approach
The process begins with identifying top-line goals, budget, issues, and client “pains.” When working with a design-build firm, the architect/designer and general contractor are all under one roof to produce the final plan and budget. There is always a team working aside another to present the best options for the project. A design-build firm can speak about issues surrounding the cost of various products or systems, schedule impacts, constructability, building methods, and labor-intensive details, all while paying attention to the owner’s budget. Then the owner can make an informed decision based on real-time costs and schedule analysis.

Single Point of Responsibility
When working with a design-build firm, there is a single point of responsibility from start to finish. As stated earlier, the whole team is under one roof to design and deliver the project. The team does everything from creating the design, helping the client through material selections, job site management, and construction; there is accountability in every phase. The whole design-build team is a balanced team to produce the dream project. Unlike a design-bid-build method where all parties are independent and responsibility can get lost between owner, architect, and general contractor.

Transparency & Patience
Transparency on timing and budget is a crucial benefit to the design-build method. A whole team of professionals works simultaneously to plan out your project and keep you updated. Hiring a design-build firm is not a quick process for a good reason. There is a lot to consider and put into perspective when curating your dream project. The team needs time to gather information and fabricate all options for the customer. Everyone knows the story about the tortuous and the hare; slow and steady wins the race. If you find a builder who gives you a quote and deadline that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your dream project is not worth risking fast deadlines. Great things come from patience, don’t rush the process because you want it done right the first time.

So what are the benefits of hiring a Design-Build Firm? The entire team operates based on core values, with a passion for guiding you through every step of your project through clear communication, cost control, creative solutions, and complete transparency.